Introduction and Key Features

Welcome to, a fully regulated & cutting-edge protocol that leverages blockchain technology to facilitate the buying and selling of tokenized securities, including stocks and ETFs, with a real underlying asset. By doing so, liberates users from vendor lock-in and unlocks the vast potential of the DeFi market.

1:1 Collateralization sets itself apart by offering a true 1:1 collateralization for every tokenized security purchased. When you invest through our protocol, you're buying the actual underlying real world asset (RWA) on the stock market, unlike other platforms that provide only derivatives. This approach removes the risks associated with derivatives and ensures that each stock or stock fraction is represented by an equal amount of on-chain tokens.

Extensive Selection of Stocks and ETFs

With, you gain access to an extensive selection of over 5,600 on-chain tokenized securities, such as stocks and ETFs. Our platform surpasses competitors by offering a vast range of options, ensuring users can find the right investment opportunities for their needs.

aUSD Token and Broker Account Funding

To begin trading on, users must fund their broker account via a bank transfer. Soon, we will be introducing USDT support to make the funding process even more seamless. Once your account is funded, an aUSD token is minted, representing the value held in your brokerage account. This token is always 1:1 against the dollar, redeemable for USD, and non-tradable on the market. As a standard ERC20 token, aUSD has the limitation of only being transferable to a SecurityToken, which represents a tokenized security.

SecurityToken creates a unique SecurityToken for every symbol purchased. These tokens, which are standard ERC20 tokens with certain limitations, represent the underlying tokenized security. SecurityTokens can only be transferred to aUSD tokens, signaling the system that you wish to sell the tokenized security in exchange for aUSD.

KYC: Ensuring Compliance requires users to complete a KYC/AML process before executing trades. This verification is necessary to comply with stock exchange regulations, ensuring that all users are properly identified.

Flexibility, Accessibility, and Interoperability

Escape Vendor Lock-In: Flexibility and Freedom

Traditional trading platforms often lock users into their ecosystem, making it difficult to switch platforms without incurring costs or liquidating shares. With, the user's wallet unlocks access to any platform, as the data is stored on-chain and can be easily displayed. This approach eliminates lock-in and provides greater flexibility for traders.

Corporate Action: Seamless Adaptation takes care of all corporate actions for publicly traded companies, such as stock splits and dividend payments, automatically adjusting your holdings as necessary. The platform mints and burns tokens in response to these changes, ensuring a seamless experience that requires no user intervention.

Dividends: Effortless Reinvestment

Dividends on are automatically paid into your aUSD token, making it easy to reinvest your earnings or transfer them out of your brokerage account with just a click. Enjoy a hassle-free approach to managing your dividends.

Stock Splits: Automated Adjustments handles stock splits automatically, adjusting your holdings as needed. If a new token is required, the platform takes care of the process, ensuring the updated tokens appear in your wallet without any manual intervention.

Composability: Building on's open architecture allows other platforms to build upon it, creating a diverse ecosystem of services. Portfolio managers, automation tools, user-focused tools like tax solutions, and DeFi platforms such as CDP, wrapping, and loan platforms can all benefit from our system's composability.

Interoperability: Data Access for All's commitment to data accessibility allows users to choose any platform for data analysis and management. Our open data structure makes it easy to access and use the information, providing traders with the flexibility they need to make informed decisions.

Future Developments and Integration

Locking: Coming in Q3 2023

In Q3 2023, will launch a locking feature, enabling users to secure their tokenized securities as collateral on DeFi platforms. This innovative approach will provide access to loans with more favorable rates, reduced overheads, and faster processing times compared to traditional CeFi systems.

Defi Services Integration: Expanding Trading Opportunities enables DeFi services to seamlessly integrate our platform into their systems, allowing users to trade tokenized securities like stocks and ETFs alongside crypto tokens. By offering an expanded range of trading options, DeFi services can generate additional revenue from transaction fees while providing users with a diverse selection of investment opportunities.

Transparent Trading Platforms: Enhanced Portfolio Management's innovative technology empowers trading platforms, such as fund platforms, to create fully transparent stock portfolios. By leveraging our platform, users gain complete visibility into their fund's performance, promoting trust and fostering informed investment decisions.

What is next?

As you continue to explore and its potential, we have provided several sections to help you gain a deeper understanding of the platform and its various applications. These sections are designed to offer insights into different aspects of, guide you through the process of getting started, and answer frequently asked questions.

Feel free to navigate through the following sections to find the information most relevant to your needs:

  • Use Cases for Discover various applications and scenarios where can be effectively employed.
  • Protocol Design of Dive into the technical details of our platform and learn about its underlying architecture.
  • Get Started Guides: Access step-by-step guides to help you begin using with ease.
  • Collaborate with Learn how you can partner with us, integrate our services, or contribute to our growing community.
  • FAQ: Find answers to common questions and clarify any doubts you may have about the platform.

We hope these resources provide you with a comprehensive understanding of and assist you in making the most of our platform.