Individual Investors allows individual investors to easily buy and sell a wide range of tokenized securities, such as stocks and ETFs, using blockchain technology, with true 1:1 collateralization and access to over 5,600 securities.

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DeFi Services Integration

DeFi platforms can integrate to offer users the ability to trade tokenized securities like stocks and ETFs, providing a more diverse selection of investment opportunities and generating additional revenue from transaction fees.

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Transparent Trading Platforms

Fund platforms can leverage to create fully transparent stock portfolios, promoting trust and enabling users to make informed investment decisions with complete visibility into their fund's performance.

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Composable Ecosystem's open architecture enables other platforms and services to build upon it, fostering a diverse ecosystem of tools and services such as portfolio managers, automation tools, tax solutions, and DeFi platforms.

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Interoperability and Data Access

The open data structure of allows users to choose any platform for data analysis and management, providing the flexibility needed for making informed trading decisions.

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Collateralized Loans

With the upcoming locking feature, users will be able to secure their securities as collateral on DeFi platforms, accessing loans with more favorable rates, reduced overheads, and faster processing times compared to traditional CeFi systems.

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