Long term goal WILL be to turn Liminal into a DAO. This gives a few things that allow Liminal to grow the most.
Setting Liminal up as DAO will give legitimacy to the project.

It will be operated by the community giving transparency and accountability to token holders
This gives liquidity to shareholders of Liminal

DAO members will have voting rights and get dividends from holding the token

To have trust, smart contracts must be open and validated. Having them open means everybody can copy it and set up their own LiminalCopy smart contract. LiminalCopy can then set up a DAO allowing its users to make decisions on what the direction of the DAO should be.

This brings up the decision-making for people wanting to implement trading securities in their smart contract
If I'm creating a new service that needs to buy securities, should I use Liminal or LiminalCopy to execute orders in my smart contract? LiminalCopy DAO would most likely win as it's transparent and by buying tokens, I can influence the direction it should go.

This is why it is inevitable to set up Liminal as DAO.