In the long term, our vision for is to transform it into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Establishing as a DAO will enhance the project's legitimacy and ensure its growth potential. By being operated by the community, will offer transparency and accountability to token holders, which in turn will provide liquidity to shareholders.

As a member of the DAO, you will have voting rights and receive dividends from holding the token. The necessity of transitioning to a DAO stems from the need for trust and openness. For smart contracts to be trusted, they must be open and validated. However, this openness allows anyone to create a copy of's smart contracts, such as "LiminalCopy."

When faced with a decision between using Liminal or LiminalCopy for implementing trading securities in their smart contracts, developers may lean towards the transparent LiminalCopy DAO. By purchasing tokens in LiminalCopy DAO, developers can influence its direction, making it more appealing.

Therefore, it is crucial for to transition to a DAO in order to maintain its competitive edge and continue providing a trusted, transparent platform for users. Embracing the future of decentralized governance, is poised to redefine the world of finance and trading as we know it.