attach surface is minimal, and order of magnitude lower than with order trading platforms. This is because blockchain handles all the data, and since all the data is available publicly, the security surface that we need to take care of is much smaller than with any other technology company providing trading

The heart of the system has a small footprint, forwarding orders between blockchain and broker.

Only one identifying information is stored with, the email address. Since it's the only data, it's easy to encrypt. So all email addresses are encrypted in our database. We are working on eliminating the need for email in the system.

We go by the policy of "when", not "if", the database is stolen. When thinking in this way, you make different design choices that improve the safety & security of the customer. We of course do everything in our power to prevent this from happening.

With lower attach service, other benefits come. Technology companies that run trading platforms have hundreds of servers, and large corporate networks, with the possibility of multiple holes. They can never plug all those holes, only lower the risk and monitor. By using blockchain and the power of smart contracts, the infrastructure for is minimal, allowing us to make sure that each area is well protected, therefor lowering the risk of breach.