Unparalleled Transparency

Liminal.market is designed to provide users with unparalleled transparency in their financial transactions. By recording all transactional data for orders on the blockchain, users gain complete visibility into their purchases and sales. The significance of this level of transparency is profound, as it eliminates the need for reliance on trust and third-party oversight.

Consider a common scenario: when you invest $100, you must trust that the recipient will allocate those funds to the investment of your choice. Traditional databases offer some degree of certainty, but the possibility of fraudulent or illegal activities remains. To mitigate this risk, government institutions conduct audits on financial companies to ensure compliance.

Blockchain technology transforms this dynamic. The transparency offered by recording transactions on the blockchain is immutable and cannot be manipulated. Users can monitor their investments in real-time, with full confidence in the integrity of the data. Accessing this information can be as simple as using a website that reads and displays data from the blockchain, or more advanced users can leverage tools like Excel, Power BI, or blockchain explorers like etherscan.

Robust Accountability

Liminal.market's blockchain-based design ensures robust accountability in order execution. Every transaction can be traced back to the responsible party, and the information is tamper-proof. Users can rest assured that, as long as their digital wallets remain secure, no unauthorized actions can be taken in their name.

Secure Authorization

User authorization is achieved through digital wallets. To access the system, users sign in by cryptographically signing a message with their wallet, providing irrefutable proof of their identity.

Comprehensive Authentication

Liminal.market prioritizes user authentication to maintain the integrity of the trading ecosystem. Before executing any orders within the system, users are required to complete an authentication process, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) or another method deemed acceptable by the respective market. This step ensures that all users are properly vetted and verified before participating in trades, contributing to a secure and trustworthy environment for all participants.