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NOTE: We have not published the NPM package, so this is not available at moment

Enable trading on my website
It is easy to embed a trading widget into your service. This allows you to increase the product selection on your page and increase your revenues.

Start by installing our package

npm -i liminal-market

This installs the Liminal.market trading library to your project.

let lm = new LiminalMarket(apiKey);
lm.renderTrading(elementSelector); //e.g. #elementId, .className,

This is how easy it is to add trading to your website.

Trading overview
To display the stocks to the user, the following is used to display users current status

let options = {wallet:walletAddress, columns:{symbol, quantity, lastOrder, pricePerShare}};
let lm = new LiminalMarket(apiKey);
lm.renderGrid(elementSelector, options);//e.g. #elementId, .className

The following will display a table with the users securities.