DeFi services is a developers first protocol. does not intend to provide a user interface for users to trade their stock, but to provide the best possible developers experience for others to implement the protocol.
Increase product selection

Today, DeFi services can only provide crypto tokens on their service. By adding they increase the product selection for their customers. provides a simple widget that can be inserted into the current setup without any issue.

Increase revenue
By adding protocol to their DeFi service, they can add their own commission to the trade. This allows the service provider to increase their revenue, with a very simple implementation.

Developers using data
With full transparency, great power becomes available by using the data that is on the chain. To analyze the data, create user experience for users, tools such for taxes, are few of possible things.

Developers using smart contracts
Having an open smart contract, anybody can build on top of it. This enables the great power of blockchain and smart contracts.

Developers can create funds that trade in the stock market that are fully transparent. Automation tools that help users invest.

Staking protocols can interact with the smart contracts to allow the user to increase yield.

Many investors are just starting to use the blockchain, investing only small portions of their portfolio in tokens. allows them to have one unified interface for their whole investment portfolio.

With blockchain benefits, staking gives investors a great opportunity to increase their yield on their investments. As an example, investors with Treasury bonds can stake the security, mint stable coins and invest it, without the need of selling the Treasury bonds. Since treasury bonds are very stable equity, risk of liquidation is minimal.